Quack Shack

This unit is for the Duck fan enthusiast.  Obviously, it is the perfect tailgating restroom – but think outside the “box”.  Use a Quack Shack at birthday parties, weddings, barbecues – anywhere you have a gathering of avid Duck fans.  These units have a sink inside and they are furnished with soap and paper towels as well as an instant hand sanitizer.  They have a “no touch” tank, which the ladies in the group will appreciate.   Instead of hiding the porta potty in the corner of the yard, consider this part of the decor!  I LOVE MY BUCKS!

See the Quack Shack featured on this video at 1:40!

Color: Green
Height: 90″
Width: 44″
Depth: 48″
Weight: 185 lbs
Tank Volume: 70 gallons
Floor Space: 915 square inches
Seat Height: 20.5″
Door Opening: 76″