White House

The White House ~ Your Option in Elegance

Our White House units are the perfect choice for your formal occasion.

These restrooms are entirely white in color and feature a decorative door panel.

We prefer to rent them in groups of two, as one unit has a urinal and one does not.

We suggest reserving these units a few months in advance as we have a limited supply.  This is not a pushy salesperson tactic, just a warning.  During peak wedding season, these toilets are a “hot” item!

Units are complete with the following amenities:

  • a no touch tank
  • sink
  • soap dispenser
  • paper towels
  • two courtesy shelves
  • mirror
White House Restroom

Color: White w/ decorative door panel
Height: 90″
Width: 44″
Depth: 48″

Weight: 185 lbs
Tank Volume: 70 gallons
Floor Space: 915 square inches
Seat Height: 20.5″
Door Opening: 76″