At Buck’s Sanitary Service, we continually strive to be good stewards of the environment.  We support sustainable building practices that go beyond energy and water conservation to incorporate environmentally sensitive products and processes in our sanitation service.


Fleet Sustainability

  • Eco – Ultra Re-refined motor oil used in all trucks.
  • Retreaded tires on all trucks, where legal


Sanitation Service Sustainability

  • Environmentally safe disposal.  The liquid waste is converted into beneficial irrigation water and fertilizer through a sophisticated lagoon system.  The processed water fertilizes farmland used for hay, silage, grass seed and feed for cattle, sheep, and horses. See
  • Environmentally safe chemical used to freshen units.  See
  • Post consumer paper products used
  • 4 roll paper system


Unit Sustainability

  • Post consumer plastic used in new toilet bases


 Facility Sustainability

  • Participates in cardboard, plastic, metal and paper recycling programs
  • Where possible, LED lighting is used

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