The McKenzie is a 6 stall shower trailer. There are 4 stalls in the main part of the trailer, and there are 2 stalls in the back of the trailer. The 2 rear rooms are accessed by a ramp, but the stalls are not handicapped accessible. Each private shower room offers an individual dressing area and shower stall. Soap, curtain and courtesy hooks are included, but it’s BYOT (bring your own towel).

Hot showers are a simple luxury that everyone enjoys. As the renter, you will be able to:

  • Set your own shower hours
  • Set your own shower length – no timers
  • Set your own price per shower – not coin operated. This means you can charge per shower to generate revenue or let people shower free as an added amenity
  • Set up your own shower system – prepaid tickets, punch cards, etc

Typically requires a potable water source, a 110W electrical source, a flat ground for safety and drainage, ample room to park equipment, and gray water storage and disposal (a holding tank or a bladder).

Mobile Shower - McKenzie Trailer